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Wedding / Prom Dresses Alterations

Since dresses never quite fit you just right, We can Make Custom Alteration or Redesign any Dress of Your Dreams. At La Moda Custom Tailors, we Love Making Custom Alterations To Make Sure The Dress, Hugs Your Body Just Right at Every Curve Give us a call!

  • Hems
  • Taper
  • Take In Out
  • Adding On Top
  • Resizing
  • Remodel
  • And Much More

You Think of The Outcome Will Refine It and Make it Happen For You Our quality and service is unbeatable!

Custom Suits / Pants / Dresses

If you can’t find Dress / Suit (Any Clothing) that you like, give us a call for the dress code of your dream,we will custom make that perfect Dress / Suit (Any Clothing) for that special occasion! At La Moda Custom Tailors, we love making custom Clothings to see our clients light up when they see their dream come true! We Specialize in Custom Made Blazers, Coats, Pants, Suits, Skirts, Trousers and Blouses and More. Call us today to discuss your custom clothing needs email your pictures to us so we can give you estimated price, so you have one less thing stressing you before your special occasion.Our quality and service is unbeatable guaranteed

Weight Loss / Gain Refitting

Congratulation on your Weight Loss, now we can fit your clothes to your new boy, welcome to Lamoda Custom Tailors where we specialize in weight loss alterations. Call in today for your FREE estimate, Our professional customer service will Answer any questions you have. The owner, Michael says, “The proper diagnosis and fitting of the garment is the most important part of the alteration. If a Tailor cannot correctly pinpoint the problem of the garment’s fit, one will be disappointed with the results.”

We pride ourselves in being one the best tailors in New York City. You can trust in our experience.See it for yourself Check our reviews on Google Yelp YP and Facebook (Maybe provide links )

Re-cut / Resize your garments for perfect fit instead of Re-buying them – and save money!

  • Weight Loss / Gain Alterations
  • Wedding Tailoring & Alterations
  • Prom Alterations
  • Impossible Alterations
  • Leather / Fur Remodel Repair
  • Reweaving

Uniforms Alterations

At La Moda Custom Tailors, we can handle all of your uniform alterations. Whether you just need minor changes to a military uniform, or you need custom uniforms for your employees, we can do it all!

Some of the uniforms we can help you with are: Military, Police, Firefighter, Martial Arts, Sports Teams, Private schools and Commercial uniforms. Call us today to discuss your uniform needs.

We can even come to your location to take measurements (corporate accounts welcome). Our quality and service is unbeatable!

Fur Cleaning, Glazing / Storage

We are dedicated to helping you properly care for your valuable fur coat for years to come. This includes temperature and humidity controlled storage vaults, expert repair services and full service cleaning and glazing services. Proper annual cleaning and conditioning of your fur products is extremely important in order to revitalize the fur’s sheen and luster. After a harsh winter, solvents, salt, dust, dirt and other destructive agents must be gently removed from your valuables. With normal wear, body oils will also accumulate on your garment and should be extracted.

You will be amazed at the exquisite nature of your fur after a professional cleaning. Our unique, one of a kind process includes expert inspection and fur cleaning, the proper removing of stains from linings, cleaning and replacement of essential oils, lustrous glazing of your garment, followed by our critical final pre-delivery inspection. You simply won’t find this level of care anywhere else. Bring your fur product into La Moda Custom Tailors today for a free estimate for any repair or remodel

Storage fee is $80

Dry Cleaning / Shirts Laundry

Conveniently Clean And Fix your Garments in one place.

La Moda Custom Tailors is committed to providing you High Quality Services, We offer Full Line of Dry Cleaning and Shirt Laundry Services that are always ready on time, paying close attention to details and providing excellent service by friendly and Professional staff.

*Manhattan location we offer home delivery

H / D Leather Remodel / Repair

Conveniently Clean And Fix your Garments in one place.

Heavy leather Or Refined Leather Garments Are Welcome.If your leather Garment is Torn, Wore out in some Places We Can Replace Panels, Re Dye if needed We can Remodel, Change Linings, New Pockets, Zippers, Leather Cleaning, Shorten Sleeves, Taper Sides, Change Buttons, Shorten and Much MoreLeather Repairs are done by our Professional Leather Craftsman. Call us at Lamoda Custom Tailors for free estimates.

Replace / Repair zippers

If your zipper is missing a pull, broken, or stubbornly stuck in place, At La Moda Custom Tailors we professionally repair and replace zippers.

Our zipper repair services include:

  • Dresses
  • Jackets ( Leather, Down, Fur etc)
  • Pants
  • Jeans
  • Handbags
  • Backpacks
  • Boots
  • And much more

For years, we have been expertly serving the New York area, and we here to help you too.

Hand bag Repair

Does your purse refuse to snap shut?
Does your mother’s evening bag need a new Zipper
Does Grandma’s alligator bag look tired needs new coat of paint?
Does your bag need an Inner Pocket, Shoulder Strap, Magnetic snap, Velcro fastener, a new or repaired zipper, strap reattached, etc?

Our zipper repair services include:

Our experienced and talented leather craftsmen do:

  • Straps, Chains, Handles
  • Leather Threaded Chains
  • Snaps
  • Linings
  • Handbags
  • Zippers
  • And much more!
  • And much more

If you Have An Idea and Don’t know How To Do Ask One of our Professional Expert we Might come up With The Solution… Call us at Lamoda Custom Tailors We are Bag Repair Experts.

Shoe Repair

Whether you just need new shoe laces or complete heel replacement, La Moda Custom Tailors provides expert service at reasonable prices.Do your shoes have broken heels? No problem, heel repair or complete replacement is many times cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes. Old shoes no longer comfortable? Perhaps the soles are worn out. Sole repair or sole replacement will make your old shoes feel like new. Stitching worn out? Shoe covering looking less than it’s best? Contact La Moda Custom Tailors to get your old shoes looking and feeling like new! From stains to stitching, from sole repair to heel replacement, from shoe and boot laces to complete shoe repair, we are your one stop shop for all your shoe repair needs.

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